tRNA Probes

Initiator tRNAs

Unacylated  chromatographically enriched tRNA is dialyzed into ~100 μl of water.  Each tube of aminoacylated or formylated initiator tRNA contains 400 pmoles of Met-tRNAMetf , Met-tRNAMeti, or fMet-tRNAMetf that have been dialyzed into 25-30 μl of 1 mM KOAc (pH 5.0), 2 mM Mg(OAc)2.
Item #

Initiator  tRNAs

Quantity per tube

Cost per tube

FM-30 E. coli  initiator  [14C]Met-tRNAMetf 400 pmoles $ 100
MI-03 yeast  initiator  tRNAMeti 5  A260 units $ 100