tRNA Probes

ER Microsomes from Dog Pancreas

Microsomes are prepared as described in Walter and Blobel (1983) Methods Enzymol. 96, 84-93 and 682-691.  Rough microsome (RM) stock solutions have A280 values near 100, corresponding to 2 equivalents/μl as defined in Walter and Blobel (1983).  Microsomes are further purified to remove adsorbed proteins and some ribosomes (column-washed RMs or CRMs), SRP and some ribosomes/adsorbed proteins (salt-washed RMs or KRMs), or ribosomes, SRP, and adsorbed proteins (EDTA-washed RMs or EKRMs).  The A280 of various samples of CRM, KRM, and EKRM range from 80-110. Since proteins and A280 are removed by the additional purifications, microsome concentrations in these samples is signficantly more than the nominal 1.6-2.2 equivalents/μl.


Quantity per tube

Cost per tube

Rough Microsomes   50 μl   (>80 eq)   $ 90
    Column-washed RMs 
 50 μl   (>80 eq)   $ 90

Salt-washed RMs 

50 μl   (>80 eq)  

$ 90

EDTA- and salt-washed RMs

50 μl   (>80 eq)  

$ 90