tRNA Probes

Click Chemistry aa–tRNA Reagents

Alkynes react very specifically with azides, even in complex biological samples, and such click chemistry reactions can be used to covalently attach probes to a specific full-length or nascent protein site. An alkyne (or azide) moiety is incorporated into the polypeptide during in vitro translation and then reacted with a probe containing an azide (or alkyne) moiety.  

Although both alkyne (CLKY) and azide (CLKZ) click chemistry reagents can be incorporated using εCLKY-Lys-tRNAamb/Lys or εCLKZ-Lys-tRNAamb/Lys, CLKY is less susceptible to inactivation by reducing agents during translation.  

Since the CLKY dibenzylcyclooctyne ring is strained, copper is not required to catalyze the alkyne-azide reaction.  

Each tube contains 400 pmoles of aa-tRNA that have been dialyzed into 25-30 μl of 1 mM KOAc (pH 5.0), 2 mM Mg(OAc)2.

Item #

Click chemistry–labeled  aa–tRNAs

Quantity per tube

Cost per tube



400 pmoles

$ 80
A-122 εCLKZ-[14C]Lys-tRNAamb 400 pmoles $ 80
A-521 non-RA  εCLKY-Lys-tRNAamb 400 pmoles $ 80
A-522 non-RA  εCLKZ-Lys-tRNAamb 400 pmoles $ 80

E. coli  εCLKY-[14C]Lys-tRNALys

400 pmoles

$ 75
L-122 E. coli  εCLKZ-[14C]Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 75
L-521 non-RA  E. coli  εCLKY-Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 75
L-522 non-RA  E. coli  εCLKZ-Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 75

 yeast  εCLKY-[14C]Lys-tRNALys

400 pmoles

$ 80
L-322  yeast  εCLKZ-[14C]Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 80
L-621 non-RA  yeast  εCLKY-Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 80
L-622 non-RA  yeast  εCLKZ-Lys-tRNALys 400 pmoles $ 80