tRNA Probes

Biotin - Labeled aa–tRNAs

Incorporation of the biotin (Bi) affinity probe into a protein during its in vitro translation allows one to detect and/or purify the protein using avidin- or streptavidin-containing materials; this approach avoids the use of radioactivity.  In addition, any proteins or nucleic acids that are photo-crosslinked or stably bound to a biotin-labeled protein or peptide can be detected and/or purified from a complex sample.  Each tube contains 400 pmoles of aa-tRNA that have been dialyzed into 25-30 μl of 1 mM KOAc (pH 5.0), 2 mM Mg(OAc)2.


Item #

Biotin-labeled  aa–tRNAs

Quantity per tube

Cost per tube


non-RA  εBi-Lys-tRNAamb

400 pmoles

$ 60

non-RA  E. coli εBi-Lys-tRNALys

400 pmoles

$ 60
MI-301 yeast  initiator  Bi-N-[14C]Met-tRNAMeti 400 pmoles $ 90
MI-601 non-RA  yeast  initiator  Bi-N-Met-tRNAMeti 400 pmoles $ 90