tRNA Probes


The products offered for sale by tRNA Probes, LLC, are intended solely for use in research.

To place an order, include the item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and prices where indicated on the order form.  Each order must provide a ship-to address (including phone number and email address), a bill-to address (including phone number and email address), and either a purchase order number on the order or a credit card number by phoning (979) 574-0894.  If radioactive items are ordered and those items must be shipped to an institution's radiation safety office, please provide its address as the shipping address.  In addition, a copy of the institution's radioactive license must be emailed to prior to shipment.

After completing order form, please scan the form and email the pdf to trnaprobes (at) gmail (dot) com.

All products except the acrylamide derivatives will be shipped in dry ice by Federal Express, either overnight on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to U.S. destinations, by two-day delivery on Monday or Tuesday for European destinations, or by three- to four-day delivery to Asia and Australia.  Customers are strongly encouraged to bill the FedEx charges directly to themselves using their own account number; otherwise, any shipping or customs costs we incur will be added directly to the invoice.  In addition to any shipping costs, a $15 USD fee will be added to each order to cover the costs of packaging and handling the dry ice shipment.

General sales policies:

 All invoices must be paid in full in U. S. Dollars if initiated in other currencies; any fees charged by the customer's bank must be paid by the customer.

•  Invoices are to be paid within 30 days.

•  Past due balances will be charged a finance fee of 3% per month.

•  To arrange a bank transfer, email  or call (979) 574-0894.

•  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.  Call (979) 574-0894 to get payment authorization prior to submitting the order.

•  Sales tax will not be added to orders placed outside of Texas.

•  State sales tax will be added to any invoice directed to an institution or individual in Texas unless notification of tax-exempt status is provided.